Zina Kirtlink

Lead Designer

Zina Kirtlink wife of Robert Kirtlink and vice President of Plumbing Innovations Inc. DBA All Star Plumbing

At All Star Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing our clients and community with the highest level of customer service available. We are dedicated to using products and materials of the best quality and name brands that command the public’s’ trust. We are dedicated to protecting the health of our clients, their families, and the community as a whole.




When Zina reflects on the beginning of All Star Plumbing opening 25 years ago she’s reminded of the 24 hour service her and her husband had to give the business and their clients to meet the needs at home and of others.

Zina ran the operations and managed their small showroom located on Pearl Street till they expanded and moved to 325 Third Street.

In 1992 during a recession, a mother of two young children and just 28 years old Zina has organically grown into the business women she is today.

Raised by a single mom Zina learned independence at a young age and after becoming a Christian and married, she’s been respected as a Woman of her word. The Kirtlink team and their employees built their reputation on trials where they were tested and ultimately proved to be true All Stars.

In 2008 during another recession Zina begin to branch out of the office and into clients homes offering her Kitchen and bath design skills as a service.

By title ZK designs is now a household name to her happy All Star customers.

In addition to her contribution to her business’s success, Zina Kirtlink is actively serving in the drug and alcohol recovery community where her true identity is being used. It’s in this service to God and her Napa Community that she dreams that her love of service will continue to impact Women Engaged in Recovery.

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