Trenchless & Sewers

Trenchless & Sewers


When the time comes for your sewer piping to be replaced, and unfortunately it will come, the majority of main sewer replacements can be performed using trenchless technology. The trenchless method eliminates the need for a long, deep, open excavation through your landscaping and hardscaping. This saves your much aggravation and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

All Star Plumbing will excavate the sewer pipe on either side of the sewers length. We then push a very heavy cable through the existing sewer. Next, we electrically fuse weld lengths of pipe together, which in effect creates on continuous length of pipe, so that your new sewer is now seamless with no coupled sections. Now the pipe is attached to the bursting head and the head to the cable, the cable is now pulled back through the old sewer pipe by a hydraulic engine with incredible power. As the bursting head is pulled it breaks the old pipe and moves it out of the way, while dragging the new pipe in to place behind it.

We next attach the new pipe to the existing with code approved, stainless steel jacketed, four bond couplers. Your sewer is now ready for a lifetime of worry free service.

All Star Plumbing’s high skilled and experienced foreman will inspect fast, then inspection by the county sanitation authority is performed. When the permit is signed, we backfill the excavations with crushed rock, compact the fill and return and hardscaping and landscaping to its’ original look, as close as is possible.

The piping used in this method is HDPE, SDR 17. “High Density Polyethylene” pipe is an outstanding material for this application. It is resistant to many chemicals and it’s “slickness: ensures an excellent flow when passing solids through it.

Like All Star Plumbing, the trenchless method of sewer replacement is tried, tested, and true. Call us to find if trenchless is for you.

Traditional Sewer Replacement

In the cases when trenchless technology cannot be applied, such as if there are grade issues, an example of this is when tree roots, in their search for water, actually push a sewer pipe upward. This interrupts the smooth downhill flow and not only causes stoppages, but also speeds up the degradation of your sewer, not too mention the contamination of the surrounding soil.

All Star Plumbing will video inspect your sewer pipe and together we will determine the best course of action. In many instances, a good cleaning or a two-way clean-out installation will solve your problem. However, in the event your sewer does need to be replaced, All Star Plumbing’s’ outstanding underground crew is ready, willing, able to excavate, remove, and replace your sewer line, returning it to its continual downhill slope. We take care of everything so you can get back to life, from obtaining the permit to passing the inspection, leave it to All Star Plumbing to take the stress out of the situation.

Serving the Napa Valley for 25 years, All Star Plumbing is tried, tested, and true.